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This is What a Famitsu Sword Looks Like

When will they start using this to cut the people who put up scans of their magazine?


Famitsu doesn't just slave away at printing presses and word processors putting together Japan's source for weekly game news. They also, it seems, craft MHG (monster hunting grade) weaponry.

And here's the latest, the Brain Fox.

This Monster Hunter 3 blade is a collaboration item between Capcom and Famitsu. I'm not sure, but the name could be taken from Famitsu's parent company Enterbrain and the Famitsu mascot fox. That's just speculation, though.

To create this weapon, you'll have to collect some specific materials in the recent Wii hit. These materials can be found in the Famitsu Clash of the Big Axes and Spears quest, which, as detailed earlier in the month, will be available from August 19 through August 26.

You'll have to be at hunter rank 18 or up in order to take part in the quest. This might be difficult for most players, according to the Famitsu.com article which introduced the weapon today. For those who don't make it in time, the quest will be offered in the future as well. A schedule can be seen in the Famitsu article. The article also has screenshots of the weapon in action.

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