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Meet the Sukkiri Girls

And download a demo of Sukkiri Racing too!


And now... Sony presents... The Sukkiri Girls!

Sukkiri is Japanese for "refreshing." It's also the hard to translate term from the full name of Sony's new Minna no (Hot Shots) series game, Minna no Sukkiri. Sony was kind enough to provide an English version of the name as "Everyone's Sukkiri," but that doesn't really help out.

The Sukkiri Girls are being used to promote Everyone's Sukkiri at an event called Aim for It! Odaiba Federation 2009. This event, sponsored by Fuji TV and held in the famous Fuji TV building in Tokyo's Odaiba fun area, kicked off on July 18 and will run through August 31.

Sony has until now been promoting it's My Summer Vacation 4 PSP title at the event. Everyone's Sukkiri was recently added in playable form to the event, Sony announced today, and the Sukkiri Girls will be on hand through the 31st to share the appeal of the game.

In addition to trying out the game on the event floor, attendees who bring their PSP with them will be able to download a demo of Sukkiri! Racing, one of the many mini-games contained within the game. This demo will be exclusive to the event.

Everyone's Sukkiri hits PSP on October 1.

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