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Dream Club Lets You Pay To Unlock Girls

Hand over some MS Points, and you can have your pirate panties.


I saw enough evidence to confirm Dream Club's suckiness after a 10 minute play test at Microsoft's Spring press conference earlier in the year. Today, leaked Famitsu scores provided even more evidence as the game got spanked with a 6, 6, 6 and 6.

And now, D3, the game's publisher, has come through with the best evidence yet via the announcement of some shady download content for the game.

Dream Club has a large cast of hostesses waiting to get drunk with you, sing and dance for you, and show brief flashes of their panties to you (you can see the panties here). Of the cast of ten, two of the girls, Mari and Airi, were introduced only recently, suggesting that they might be special.

It turns out that they are indeed special -- and not just because one wears an eye patch and the other is an android who decided to learn to be human by working at a host club. Unlike the rest of the cast, Mari and Airi aren't available from the start of the game. Instead, you have to unlock them through an as-yet unspecified method.

Disappointed that you'll have to wait to see android panty flashes? Well then, you can take advantage of a special offer from D3! The publisher will be allowing players to pay 800 Microsoft Points for immediate access to the girls. That's the cost for each girl, so those with an android pirate fetish will need to hand over a total of 1,600 MS Points.

Would you pay 20 bucks to unlock these two? You could buy a beer in a real host club for that much!

D3 has, in the past, promised real download content in the form of costumes and songs. But it looks like Dream Club's first DLC will unlock stuff that's already on the disc.

If you're still interested in visiting a virtual host club on your Xbox 360, Dream Club hits on August 27.

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