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Sony Wants Gamers to Show Face

New promotional campaign to tour Tokyo and Osaka and record player faces.


Sony's slimline PlayStation 3 and PSP go releases will be accompanied by a new branding and a new Japanese promotional campaign for the PlayStation brand as a whole. The branding was shown earlier in the form of a new logo and a change from the system's original "Spiderman" font to something more in line with past PlayStation products. Later in the day, Sony detailed the new marketing campaign.

Sony's new marketing push for the PlayStation brand here in Japan consists of two key phrases: "Playface" and (translated from Japanese): "It Will Make Your Heart Move More."

The "It Will Make Your Heart Move More" phrase is the new "brand message" for the company's PlayStation business. Sony usually attaches these messages to the end of its branded commercials, right beside the PlayStation logo.

"Playface" is more than just a message. It's the name of a unique new campaign. The Playface campaign aims to show the various facial expressions people display as they play games. Sony will be running commercials showing nothing but the faces of players.

Sample faces from Sony's new Playface campaign.

In addition to celebrity faces, one part of the campaign will feature faces from the general public. Sony will be sending out what it calls the "Playface Caravan" to locations around Tokyo and Osaka from September 3 through November 24. This public event space features 18 cameras recording player facial expressions as they sample games. The captured face clips will be shown at the newly opened playface.jp site and will be ranked by popularity.

The top ranking play faces will get some major prizes. The most popular face will get 2.5 million yen worth of points, which can be used at an equivalence of 1 yen for 1 point to buy product at the PlayStation Store (that's about $25,000 in games, in case you speak dollars). Second place will get 1 million points. In all, Sony will distribute 10 million points to participants.

You can see some sample play faces at the playface.jp site. The faces currently at the site are famous actors, DJs, and musicians.

Sony's announcement of the Playface and "It Will Make Your Heart Move More" marketing campaigns came today at a press conference in Tokyo. SCEJ president Shawn Layden briefed the Japanese press on announcements that had been made earlier in the day at the Gamescom event in Germany, and also detailed the Japanese side of Sony's plans, including the new Gundam Senki PS3 bundle and the new campaign.

You can see pictures from the briefing at Famitsu.com

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