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This Will Probably Be the Most Boring DSi Ware Game Ever

Get set for downloadable pool with jazz courtesy of your DS.


Jazz probably mixes well with pool. But only if they're both live.

I'm not sure sure what will happen when one is on the video game screen and the other is coming out of the video game speakers. But we'll get our chance to find out thanks to Arc System Works!

The fervent supporter of Nintendo's various download services shared details today on Jazzy Billiards, its next title for the DSi Ware service. This particular game of pool is set in a pool bar that uses jazz music for atmosphere. You get to experience that fine pairing of pool and jazz... only with a touch screen and pair of headphones.

Jazzy Billiards offers a stage mode where you face off against nine CPU opponents, a championship mode where you attempt to clear as many consecutive stages as possible, and a two player versus mode using just one DSi.

If you'd like a preview of the mix of jazz and pool on the DS, check out the game's official site for a video clip. The clip also details the game's stylus-based controls.

Jazzy Billiards hits DSi Ware on August 26, priced at 500 Dsi Points.

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