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Heavy Rain Set for Japan

Hear Ethan speak about "love" in Japanese!

This game has many graphics and sound.

If you're like me, nothing turns you on more than hearing your favorite Western game heroes speak Japanese.

Hello? Is anyone there?

If you're still reading, then you'll probably be pleased to know that Heavy Rain is the latest Western property to get the Japanese localization treatment from Sony. The game is officially on the way for Japanese release, Sony announced today.

The announcement coincides with a two page spread in this week's Famitsu. It seems that Sony is giving the game somewhat of a push here.

You can get a preview of what one of the game's four heroes, Ethan, sounds like in Japanese at the newly opened official site. The site offers a Japanese version of the Gamescom "Love" trailer.

While it's unlikely that the game's content will change much aside from localized voices and text, one thing that could be changed is the name. The Japanese site lists the name "Heavy Rain" as tentative.

Japanese PS3 owners can look forward to the latest in Western gaming this Winter.

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