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Dragon Quest VIII's Kukule Appears in Dragon Quest IX

A special guest indeed for this week's download content.


An important guest will be appearing in Rikka's Inn in Dragon Quest IX land this Friday. Connect online with the RPG blockbuster, head into the inn, and you'll find none other than Kukule, a primary character from Dragon Quest VIII.

Here's a pic of Kukule from the PS2 title to jog your memory:

These are Dragon Quest VIII shots, so don't freak out!

(That's Kukule to the left. The right pic shows the DQVIII main character running around. I'm not sure why Square Enix included it).

What exactly is Kukule doing in Rikka's Inn? You'll have to make the download for yourself to find out! He apparently has some goods for you.

In addition to word of Kukule's appearance, Square Enix shared details today on the next set of downloadable quests for the game. These will hit on Friday.

First up is quest 130, Moya Moya Yuurei Life. You can take this quest on by visiting a hill to the West of Kubiana Castle once you've cleared the game. You can only access this area of the world with your magic flying train. Square Enix suggests doing so at night.

Quest number 131, Rudiano wo Kirei ni (maybe, "Make Rudiano Beautiful") is a story quest. You can take it on in St. Shutein after you've cleared the game and cleared quest 129. This is another continuation of a sub story that started off with quest 127. To begin, you'll want to speak with the sorceress Melissa.

As always, quests and special guests can be accessed at any time, so even if you're busy on Friday, you can log into the game whenever you're free and make the download.

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