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Virtual On Producer Jurou Wataru Interviewed at Dengeki

Questions about sequels, updates, and split screen play.

Make this screen true by giving us a proper Virtual On arcade sequel, Sega!

Virual On series producer Jurou Wataru was in the hot seat recently for an interview that was posted today to Dengeki Online. The interview mostly covered the recent Xbox 360 version of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram.

For those who can't read the Japanese, here are a few points from the proceedings.

The site asked Wataru why the 360 port doesn't have split screen play. Wataru's answer was that making such a mode is difficult. The staff would have had to create specific split screen models and stages. This would have added to the cost, and was thus dropped.

VOOT 360 recently saw a major update that fixed some bugs, made a few graphical changes, and added more community options. So how about future updates? Dengeki asked if the game would see another update adding features such as messaging and an emblem edit mode. Wataru's response was, "If it's needed, we'll do it, but at this point there are no plans."

The site also asked Wataru for hints at future directions for the series. Regarding a possible port of Virtual On Force, he said, "Of course it's possible. However, we're not at point where we could announce anything today or tomorrow."

He gave a similar response regarding the possibility for a new entry in the series, adding, "We're doing this as a business. If we have the budget, we could probably make a sequel. But it depends on how things go from here on out."

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