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Is Game Without a Name Scary or Funny?

Let's see how Singer Song Gamer Asami Imai reacts to Square Enix's latest!


Here's a link to a video of Singer Song Gamer Asami Imai, also known as the voice of pretty much every single video game character you can name, playing Square Enix's latest DS title, Na Nashi no Game Me, or Game Without a Name: Eye:

She seems really scared. So scared that she laughs. But then she cries.

Imai does voice work for a whole bunch of games. But perhaps most memorably, she's the voice behind that god awful annoying Puyo Puyo them song which made me laugh, and then cry.

Much like Nanashi no Game Me did to her!

Check out Impress Watch for a billion pics of the game, which is due for release on August 27.

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