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Dream Club Bus Passes By a Bunch of People Who Don't Care

Foreshadowing the game's release?


As promised, Dream Club got its very own ad bus over the weekend.

Taken from the internets.

D3 Publisher sent the Dream Club bus along with a full vehicular entourage through the streets of Akihabara -- presumably the one place where people are likely to care about a game where you get to watch android pirate girls sing, dance, and occasionally flash their panties at you.

Someone took a video of the bus passing through an intersection and absolutely no one caring.

I predict a similar reaction to the game later this week. It did get four sixes in Famitsu.

Then again, Dream Club is the number one most wanted game in Gemaga, whose readers are willing to spend 10 bucks a month on a magazine. So maybe it will outsell Blue Dragon.

More videos of the bus at My Game Flash.

D3 also sent out maids to hand out name cards to patrons at various Akihabara shops, as you can see at Gamespot Japan.

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