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Check Out the Valkyria Chronicles 2 CM

See the commercial that had the folks in Chiba dancing in their corn fields.


Valkyria Chronicles 2 may be further along than we thought. Sega has already started airing commercials for the PSP sequel!

The commercials kicked off on the 22nd in select regions like Chiba and Kanagawa. Why those two were selected is beyond me, but maybe Sega wanted to test the waters before bringing the commercials to the Tokyo area, which happens today through MX TV. Other parts of Japan can expect the commercial throughout the week.

Sega also distributed a video of the commercial to the press. My video system is broken, so I'll refer you to 4gamer for the stream.

Based off the times Sega listed for the commercial airing, I believe this may be just a teaser spot for viewers of the Valkyria Chronicles anime. Expect something more reaching closer to the game's release... whenever that may be.

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