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White Knight Chronicles 2nd Wave Update Dated

Sony details its big update along with the new paid content.


Sony at long last provided a final release date today for its White Knight Chronicles "2nd Wave" update. Players who have stuck with the Level-5 RPG all this time will be able to upgrade tomorrow (August 25) for the low, low price of 0.

As detailed earlier in the month, the 2nd. Wave update adds a number of new features to the game, most notably a "Georama" edit mode which lets you create your very own town which can be visited by other online players. Also coming with the update are new equipment items, various adjustments to the battle system, and uncapped character levels.

The original announcement of the update caused some controversy as Level-5 revealed that it would begin offering paid item downloads. The item downloads include paid parts for the Georama system. These parts will be available at in-game shops for between ¥100 and ¥600.

2nd Wave also adds the ability to change the appearance of your avatar. To use this functionality, you'll have to purchase a ¥500 Avatar Change ticket from the PlayStation Store.

[I mistakenly wrote earlier that the game also offers paid avatar parts. This was an error. Sony's announcement today made no mention of paid avatar parts.]

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