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Level-5 Shares Ni no Kuni Time Frame and Voice Cast

10th anniversary title will now arrive in time for company's 11th anniversary.


Some sad news for RPG fans who were looking forward to Level-5's big cross production with Studio Ghibli. Level-5 announced today a release time frame of Spring 2010 for Ni no Kuni. Yes, the game will be slipping past its promised 2009 release date (meaning Level-5 will presumably stop promoting it as its gig 10th anniversary release).

In addition to the release time frame, Level-5 also revealed a voice cast for the game's primarily roles. As with the Professor Layton series, Level-5 is drafting major talent for the game's cast. Here's the full list as shared today:

  • Oliver: Tabe Mikako
  • Maru: Masami Nagasawa
  • Gyro: Yo Oizumi
  • Nyandal the 14th: Norito Yashima
  • Caura: Eri Watanabe
  • Buhiden: Junpei Mizobata
  • Shizuku: Arata Furuta
  • Mari: Chieko Kuroda

There's one additional bit of tie-up news for Ni no Kuni. Level-5 announced today the game's ending theme song. Titled Kokoro no Kakera, or "Heart Fragment," the song will be sung by artist Mai. It features a score by Joe Hisaishi (Mai's father) and lyrics by Mamiko Suzuki (daughter of Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki). The name of the song actually ties into the game, as one activity players can partake in involves collecting heart fragments that are strewn about the world.

All these announcements came at the Level-5 Vision press conference today in Tokyo. Attendees were given a chance to sample the game via a demo cartridge which will be given away to some visitors to Level-5's booth at next month's Tokyo Game Show.

The game will also be playable at the show, Level-5 reconfirmed today.

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