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Resident Evil Producer Interviewed on Street By NHK

Jun Takeuchi keeps his cool when phantom earthquakes stop trains.


I'm busy writing about all the Level-5 Vision news, but I just couldn't avoid this.

Guess who NHK decided to interview on the streets outside of Shinjuku Station today?

The screen lists this shy guy as just some random commuter. But we all know him as:

Mr. Jun Takeuchi of Capcom (shown at E3 2008 in the above pic)!

As the man behind Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet, Takeuchi is far from a random anything!

According to Hachimaki (where I saw this), Takeuchi just happened to be selected at random for an interview by NHK in a report on the effects of a false Earthquake Early Warning alert from earlier today.

Apparently, the false alert caused some trains to be stopped. But Takeuchi kept his cool producer-like self. Says Takeuchi in the first image, "While [the train] being out of order is a nuisance, I believe it's good to have the Earthquake Early Warning system in place." Then in the second image, "It would be great if they could improve the accuracy from here on out."

If I were Takeuchi, I would've said, "It would be great if they could improve the accuracy from here on out, much like how we improved the rendering accuracy of our MT Framework for version 2.0, which will see debut in Lost Planet 2." I would've said that.

You can see Takeuchi on the spot here (his fifteen seconds come at the minute mark).

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