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PS3 Slim Pimped at Shibuya Station

It's a sign that Level-5 should have announced some PS3 product yesterday.


Hey PlayStation 3 fans. Are you bitter that the Level-5 Vision 2009 press conference was mostly DS? Well here's something to make up for it:

I spotted that on the Shibuya Station Yamanote line platform while on my way home yesterday from the press conference.

Here's that same billboard, but from different angles.

The billboard is apparently part of Sony's Play Face campaign. I first deduced this when I noticed all the faces, and was pretty much sure of it when I saw the "It Makes Your Heart Move More" slogan. (Much later, I noticed the playface.jp url).

These are the faces that appear at the playface.jp url right now. Sony hasn't started its Play Face tour of Japan yet, where it will be taking face shots of the general public. Currently, the company has said that such shots will be placed on the Play Face site, but there's been no mention of use in ads like the above.

This is the first PS3 slim billboard I've seen outside of retail. There have apparently been a few magazine ads, though.

If the Slim sells well, maybe Level-5 Vision 2010 will have some PS3 announcements.

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