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Spike Plans Launch Event for PS3 and 428

Not quite an official launch event, but better than nothing!

428 takes place in Shibuya. Sega staged a big Shibuya-based promotional campaign for the Wii version last year.

Sony hasn't said yet if it will be launching the new PS3 slim here in Japan with mega launch festivities. But one publisher is taking matters into its own hands.

Spike announced today a September 3 launch event that pairs the PS3 slim with the Chun-soft adventure game 428. Officially called the 428 X New Model PS3 Launch Commemoration Event, this event will take place throughout the day on September 3 in front of the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya.

For those who don't keep up with the Tokyo game scene, Tsutaya is the retailer surrounding the Starbucks you might see in all those pictures of Shibuya. The shop is often host to game-related launch events, and was even one of Sony's official launch points for the original PS3 release. 428 takes place in Shibuya and has many shots showing the Tsutaya building.

The 428 X PS3 launch event will have a few guest appearance. Appearing throughout the day will be Tama, one of the characters from 428. The game's general director Jiro Ishi, will appear at 13:00.

Those who purchase 428 at the shop will be given a set consisting of a t-shirt and 428 fan disc. Those who buy 428 with the new PS3 will get a PlayStation Network Card present.

428 is the latest digital sound novel from Chun-soft, widely considered to be the pioneers of the genre. The game was first released to the Wii last year to critical acclaim. The PS3 version is arriving simultaneously with a PSP version on September 3.

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