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MiChi to Perform Bayonetta Theme Song

British born artist exclaims "Wow" when hearing about new Platinum Games title.


Platinum Games' Bayonetta hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 here on October 29. Publisher Sega appears to be giving the game some big promotional backing with the announcement today of a theme song tie-up.

Sega announced today that singer MiChi will be performing the game's commercial theme song, Something Missing. This is an original theme song, and according to Sega, it was written after the British-born artist sampled Bayonetta.

In a statement issued to the press, MiChi noted that this is the first time she'd written the theme song for a video game commercial. She got inspiration by meeting with the development staff, which made her think "Wow... this is more than just a game." (the "wow" was written in English -- everything else was in Japanese).

The commercial that will feature MiChi's theme song is currently in production, says Sega.

The company also said to expect a variety of other promotions for the new Platinum Games release.

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