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Date Set for 3D Dot Game Heroes

Retro done right in a couple of months!


A report at Dengeki Online today lists a November 5 release date for From Software's 3D Dot Game Heroes. The PS3 RPG, which was just announced last week, will carry a ¥7.140 price tag.

Developed by Silicon Studio, 3D Dot Game Heroes merges retro with new. The game's visuals are meant to look like a 2D sprite game brought to life in 3D. Additionally, the game features a background story that intentionally retains some of the cliches of past RPGs.

The Dengeki story doesn't have any new information above what was revealed last week. However, midway through the story, you can see some of the game's characters in both their dot form and full 3D form. From left to right, you have the Hero (your character), the Princess, the King, and the Dark Priest.

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