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PS3 Retail Take May be Higher Than ¥700

Another retailer speaks out on profit margins for the slimline PS3.

PS3 signage at Bic Camera.

Last week, a manager at a game shop made a blog post listing PS3 profit margins for retailers at a mere ¥700. Now another game shop manager has made a blog post directly countering that post.

The second poster lists PS3 slim profit margins when selling the system at its MSRP of ¥29,800 at over ¥2,000. As a result, this shop hopes to sell the system for ¥28,500 once supply stabilizes.

Amazon currently lists the PS3 slim at ¥28,380, with standard shipping included (as is the case for all purchases above ¥1,500). Most other shops appear to be asking the full ¥29,800, but buyers will get 10% points back for buying other product from the store.

As for the ¥700 profit reports from the original blog, the second blog suggests that this could be after middlemen have taken their own cut.

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