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Take on a Quest From a Cyclops in Dragon Quest IX

Two new quests hit on Friday.


The latest Dragon Quest IX DLC hits on Friday as usual. But one of the quests is a bit out of the ordinary.

Quest 132, titled Fungar! Ki ha Daijini!, can be taken by speaking to a cyclops monster on a mountain top to the south east of Dharma Shrine (reachable via your flying train) after you've cleared the game once. The quest involves the Gigantis race of giants. Clear the quest, and you'll earn an item called "Inochi no Kinomi." The quest can also be replayed, and those who play a second time will earn a powerful weapon that's used by the giants.

Also set for Friday release is quest 133. This story quest, titled Kaerou Dan he Youkoso, can be taken in St. Shutein. In addition to clearing the game, you'll need to have cleared quest 131, Rudia wo Kirei ni. This time, the quest is given by Ryuma, the man who was traveling with Melissa, the person who requested quest 131 of you.

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