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Now You Can Eat Sengoku Basara

Does Capcom historical action taste as good as it plays?


Capcom's Sengoku Basara is a fan favorite here in Japan. And that was when you could just play it!

Now, you can get a real taste of Capcom-style historical action through the Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes Chips!

This latest video game food product is based off the series' PSP fighting spinoff, Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes. Four flavors will be available: beef tongue, hot miso, crab, and nori (seaweed). Each one is associated with an army you might remember from the series.

Look for the Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes Chips later this month at character and gift shops through Yoshida Shoji. Each pack is priced at ¥315.

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