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Why is Irem's Spelunker Heading up Promotions on 3D Dot Game Heroes?

Seriously, why?


The 3D Dot Game Heroes official site was updated today with something that had been lacking since its opening last week: actual content.

There still isn't much there, but the one piece of content that did show up is utterly baffling.

Does that sprite look familiar to you? You might recognize it from Spelunker, Irem's classic game about spelunking, which just saw a revival as a PlayStation Network download.

According to that popup at the 3D Dot Game Heroes official site, Spelunker -- yes, the Irem Spelunker -- is taking on the job of head of promotions on the upcoming retroriffic RPG. The Irem character will "back up" the 3D Dot Game Heroes promotions.

What this means exactly is anyone's guess, as the site does not provide clarification.

Outside of the mysterious Spelunker tie-up, the site doesn't share any additional bits about the game. There are a couple of reasons to make a visit, though. The site now has a background theme song which is presumably from the game. Also, click on the Spelunker image at the bottom to hear some 8-bit style music.

The site also provides some background screenshots showing a few additional areas of the game, including a new boomerang weapon and what appears to be a new player character (this is apparently introduced in this week's Famitsu, although I don't have my issue just yet).

Included among the screenshots are some RPG archetypes.

This guy (enemy?) introduces himself as Blusla, the Blue Slime. His dream is to become a human.

This dog asks you a question in dog speak, and you're apparently supposed to respond yes or no.

This guy notes that you're in a region with a lot of water, so there'll likely be demons emerging from the water.

As announced earlier today, 3D Dot Action Game Heroes hits PS3 on November 5.

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