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Koei Porting Warship Gunners 2 to PSP

Battle on the open seas, now with co-op wireless play.


More ports are on the way for Sony's PlayStation Portable. Koei announced today Warship Gunners 2 Portable, a PSP port of PS2's Warship Gunners 2: Kurogane no Houkou. The PSP version will arrive on November 12, priced at ¥5,040.

Warship Gunners 2 is a military action game set on the seas. You start off each mission by preparing your ship for battle, then face off against enemy forces. Clear a mission, and you earn money which can be used to develop additional parts for your ship. Mission results also lead to new developments in the story.

Koei has some new features planned for hte PSP version. Players can look forward to an ad-hoc multiplayer mode, offering player-versus-player combat as well as cooperative play. The game will also feature new items, adjustments to difficulty, and a new "quick menu" which should help beginners get into the game.

An official site will be opened for the port on September 4 off Koei's Game City portal.

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