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Choro Q Appears in Maplus

Customize your two disc PSP mapping program with mini cars.


Here's a neat little collaboration that should make you temporarily forget how much Choro Q video games suck. PSP mapping software maker Edia announced today a collaboration with Takara Tomy that will bring Choro Q vehicles into the upcoming Maplus Portable Navi 3.

Maplus Portable Navi 3 is the third PSP mapping program from Edia. The title features two discs worth of mapping content. You can see the impressive features list at the Maplus 3 official site.

As with part 2, part 3 allows players to customize their mapping experience through paid downloads. Part 2 offered paid voice packs, which brought in celebrities, including the voice of Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake, to do voice navigation for the maps. Part 3 will offer voice packs as well, but also allows you to change the look of the game, with customized cars and signs.

That's where the Choro Q tie-in comes into the picture. Edia will be offering download packs which add Choro Q vehicles to the title, with the cars appearing on top of the maps in full 3D. You can see the various sets at the official site. Pricing has yet to be announced.

The Choro Q tie-up is the second major tie-up for the software. Previously, Edia announced a tie-up with Sony that puts PlayStation mascot Toro the cat on the road.

The packs will be offered opposite the main program, on September 10.

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