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7-Eleven Confirms Okamiden

Yes, the convenience store. Famitsu reveal coming next week.


You might have read about an "Okamiden" through some recent trademark filings. It seems like Okamiden might be real. In fact, we might get our first look at the new game next week!

Indirectly confirming the game today was none other than the e-commerce site of 7-Eleven parent 7&Y. The site posted a listing for the September 17 issue of Weekly Famitsu, which is due to hit retail on September 3. Under the contents section, the listing has just one phrase: "Okamiden."

That looks like confirmation towards the bottom of the page, below the left blue text.

This is the second time an e-commerce site related to 7-Eleven has been naughty and let slip a major piece of gaming info. Back in May, we got confirmation of the new Metal Gear Solid games a bit ahead of their E3 debuts.

Okami has been in the news quite a bit of late here in Japan. Capcom recently confirmed the Wii version for Japanese release here on October 15, and has been sharing weekly media updates with the online press.

Unlike the Metal Gear listing, which appeared on pages for PlayStation-specific magazines, the new listing is for the general Weekly Famitsu, which covers all platforms. We'll have to wait a bit to learn the platform for the new game.

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