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This is what the Dream Club Bus Looks Like on the Inside

D3 apparently needs to remind the drivers about the game they're promoting.


D3 Publisher's Dream Club ad bus is pretty stylin' on the outside, with a black finish and over a dozen high def monitors surrounding images of the little anime chicks that you get to chase after in the world's first ever hostess dating sim.

But what does it look like on the Inside? Live Door managed to get exclusive access inside the bus, and this is what they saw:

Yes, it's just a bunch of control panels for all the monitors. There are some comfy looking seats in back as well, although I'm not sure why anyone would actually ride the Dream Club bus long enough to need a seat.

What's particularly strange is the front passenger seat:

Apparently, you're forced to watch footage of Dream Club... just in case you forget the game you're promoting, I suppose.

See the original article for a bunch more pics and even a video tour!

If you're in Osaka, head on out to Nihonbashi tomorrow (8/28) to see the bus for yourself.

But don't actually buy Dream Club. Because it's an absolutely terrible game.

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