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Konami Raises Hopes with Love Plus Love Letter Campaign

Making a few lonely salarymen feel special, for a few minutes at least.


Konami gave its upcoming love sim Love Plus a big promotional push today. Love sims aren't a particularly popular genre any more. So how do you go about promoting an all new franchise?

This was Konami's answer:

The company placed hot girls at seven locations around Tokyo. Acting as characters from the game, the girls would simply hand out love letters to passersby.

I don't know what the conditions for receiving a letter were, but in Gpara's coverage of the promotion, they seem to be targeting lonely-looking men.

From what I can tell, there was no indication that you were being used in a promotion of any kind. and you'd be none the wiser if you simply read the first part of the letter:

This one is from Aika Takane and it says "Hello, I'm Aika. I apologize for the sudden letter. Whenever I see you at this intersection every day, my heart starts beating fast. This is the first time I've ever felt this way. I don't know what to do. Even though I feel I should speak to you, of course I can't. So, I built up my courage and wrote this letter. I'm really sorry to suddenly bother you. I'd be happy if we could start by being friends."

Below that, the letter is signed Aika Takane, complete with a phone number.

Unfortunately, Konami decided to get all legal and include a disclaimer at the bottom revealing the letter to be a promotion for Love Plus. Really now, fooling some poor sap into thinking he has a cute little admirer, while cruel, should definitely not be illegal.

More pics at 4gamer and Dengeki.

Love Plus hits on 9/3. Here's the reality of the girls you'll be hitting on in the game:

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