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Valkyria Chronicles 2: But What About the Sound?

Hitoshi Sakimoto faces tough questions from Edy and Homer.


Edy and Homer continue to press Valkyria Chronicles 2 staffers to share secrets about the upcoming PSP sequel. In the hot seat today at the game's official blog is one of game music's greats, Hitoshi Sakimito.

The composer behind the original Valkyria and the sequel first revealed to the two Valkyria characters that he played the original quite a bit. He actually gave up his whole Golden Week vacation to the game. In the end, he worked through the game twice.

For the sequel, Sakimoto said that because of the school setting, everything is on the whole brighter. The key words this time, he said, are "Youth, school bell, but advancing army."

The sequel's battle themes will, on the whole, be in line with what we saw in the original, said Sakimito. However, he hopes to make music that's easier to understand this time (I'm not sure what he means here exactly).

Sakimoto traveled overseas to record the game's theme song with the Czech Film Orchestra (this is past tense, as in it's already complete). He likes the power of CFO's strings, he said. He also likes the lunch they serve.

Edy asked for some interesting episodes in his trip for the recording, but Sakimoto responded that he only managed to visit the airport, his hotel, and the studio. He did like the Nespresso machine that he had in his hotel, though.

Sakimoto also managed to sneak in a bit of interesting development trivia. Due to the constraints of the PSP hardware, the sound team was originally going to use chip-based music. However, the development team worked hard, and they were able to get streaming sound working. something that made Sakimoto happy.

As a closing message Sakimoto noted that because the game has wireless play this time, he might get a chance to play with other people following release. I presume he's referring to Ad-hoc Party play, as Sega hasn't announced infrastructure play for the game (although their other big PSP RPG, Phantasy Star Portable 2, will have infrastructure).

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