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Bic Camera's Monster Hunter 3 Pricing Makes No Sense.

Get bonus hardware for free... but only if you want it.


I snapped a pic of this Bic Camera retail display today. What's wrong with it?

The big sign at top promotes a price drop for Monster Hunter 3's software-only version from ¥6,600 to ¥5,980. But look down to the display itself, and you'll see both the standard version, priced at ¥5,980, and the Monster Hunter 3 white Classic Controller Pro bundle... also priced at ¥5,980.

It appears that Bic is leaving it up to the customer to decide if they want extra equipment at no additional cost.

Bic has been the center of some down-right bizarre pricing with regards to Monster Hunter 3. You might remember this story regarding a price cut for the software-only version at Bic's online shop to ¥2,980 about a week after the game's release. The pricing was later replicated at Bic's brick and mortar shops too. But they moved back up to ¥5,980 a bit later.

I think this is a lesson about having too many damn SKUs for a product.

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