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No Square Enix Closed Mega Theater at Tokyo Game Show

But perhaps a preview of Kingdom Hearts III soon.

The official Kingdom Hearts site is going to need more space soon.

A long running tradition will be missing from the Tokyo Game Show this year. Square Enix won't be hosting its usual Closed Mega Theater trailer show this year, super producer Tetsuya Nomura revealed to Famitsu in an interview this past week.

Nomura didn't provide a clear reason for this move, stating only that Square Enix is placing the priority on promoting titles in the order of their release. Thus, they will not be doing anything particularly big this year and will instead have just a small demo space.

Visitors to the Square Enix booth will get a chance to see upcoming footage, though. Nomura explained that those who try out Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep or Final Fantasy XIII will be able to view a special video consisting of those two titles along with other games like Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning (that's the Japanese "international" version of Dissidia Final Fantasy). This viewing will take place on a smaller screen, though.

Additionally, Nomura said that Square Enix probably will not show new footage of titles that are further off, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and The Third Birthday.

On a more positive note, Nomura's comments do appear to confirm playable FFXIII and Birth By Sleep at the show! Those two alone should make a trip to the Square Enix booth worthwhile.

The Famitsu interview was mostly about Birth By Sleep, the long awaited PSP entry in the Kingdom Heart series. You can see some of the screens from the issue's huge blowout on the game at Famitsu.com.

The magazine revealed that Birth By Sleep is due for release this Winter. Pressed further for a date, Nomura said that Square Enix is currently making adjustments so that there are no conflicts with Final Fantasy XIII's release. FFXIII's development is further along, he explained, so it will probably be released first. However, the wait for Birth By Sleep won't be too long, he added.

Birth By Sleep's release will mark an end to the current generation of Kingdom Hearts games, which also includes 358/2 Days on the DS and Coded on cell phones (of course, Coded will likely continue seeing new chapter downloads periodically). But a new generation could start up almost immediately. Said Nomura of Birth By Sleep, "I believe there are lots of mysteries, or areas of interest, so perhaps people will want to play the next title. There is a secret movie, after all."

Asked if this means Kingdom Hearts 3, he only responded that the next title is the next title.

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