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Online Retailers Appear to be Selling out of PS3 Slim

Plus, a totally sweet deal for selling back your PS3 phat.


Gaming blog Hachimaki posted a story today summarizing the state of PS3 slim stock at major online retailers. Things look pretty dark for those looking at obtaining the system without leaving the home.

Amazon.com, E-digi, and the online shops for such major retailers as Yamada Denki and Sofmap are sold out of stock ahead of the system's 9/3 launch.

While the online versions of Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, Geo, and Joshin still have stock of the base system, everyone appears to be sold out of the Gundam Senki bundle version. Would you believe it? A limited edition PS3 bundle is actually going to sell out!

Looking around Shibuya today, I personally didn't see any sold-out signs. In fact, I found a totally sweet deal at Bic Camera:

Pre-order PS3 slim at Bic, and you're given a special ticket. The ticket allows you to trade in your old PS3 -- regardless of the model -- for 20,000 yen in cash. Best of all, you can wait until September 30 to make the trade-in, meaning you'll potentially have two PS3 systems -- err, make that one PS3 system and one Linux play thing -- for about a month!

I think I'll take Bic up on this generous offer. The punk asses at Tsutaya told me that my 40 gigabyte white PS3 would only fetch ¥13,000.

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