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Nintendo Pushes Wii Internet Use

Find out how you can get free access to all Nintendo Virtual Console games.


Nintendo announced today a couple of initiatives designed to push internet use on the Wii system. Included in the promotions is a method for getting all-you-can-play rights for Nintendo-branded Virtual Console software.

The system's Internet Channel, basically just an Opera-developed browser, is, as of today, free for all to download. The channel was originally available at no cost between December 2, 2006 and July 30, 2007, after which Nintendo started charging 500 WiiPoints for the download.

Those who previously paid 500 WiiPoints to download the channel will be given their choice of one 500 WiiPoint Famicom title on the Virtual Console. The free game offer will run from October 21 through the end of the year. Nintendo will share further details in a future update.

Now for that all-you-can-play offer. Since March 26 of this year, Nintendo has held a promotion designed to get new Wii owners connected online. Those who helped a fellow Wii owner out with the process were given 500 WiiPoints as a gift. Players will allowed to take part in this offer up to 20 times meaning a potential 10,000 bonus WiiPoints for the really helpful.

Starting October 21, Nintendo will add a couple of additional bonuses to the offer. Those who help 10 people will be labeled "Helper Master 10" and will gain free access to the full catalogue of Nintendo-branded Virtual Console Famicom software. Those who reach the 20 helped mark will be labeled "Helper Master 20" and will gain access to Nintendo's full first party catalogue of Virtual Console software for Famicom, Super Famicom, and Nintendo 64!

Further details on this latter promotion will be provided in a future update.

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