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Microsoft Dropping Xbox 360 Price Domestically

10,000 yen price drop for Elite; Arcade unchanged.


There have been some reports out there indicating that Microsoft would be announcing a domestic price drop for the Xbox 360 at a press conference later today. Apparently, someone forgot to send out the NDAs, because a retailer has already provided full details on the new pricing.

As detailed at Famicom Plaza, the big price drop date for the 360 is September 10. Microsoft will be dropping the price for 360 systems according to the following plan:

  • Xbox 360 Elite: From ¥39,800 to ¥29,800
  • Xbox 360 60 Gigabyte Standard Model: From ¥29,800 to Open (will be about ¥24,800)
  • Xbox 360 Value Pack : From ¥29,800 to Open (will be about ¥29,800)
  • Xbox 360 Last Remnant Premium Pack: From ¥34,800 to Open (will be about ¥29,800)
  • Xbox 360 Resident Evil 5 Premium Pack: From ¥34,800 to Open (will be about ¥29,800)

In Microsoft's case, open pricing, which means retailers set the pricing according to market conditions, is usually an indication of a phaseout for the product. The Famicom Plaza report states that these models will indeed be available only while supplies last.

The only system to not change in price is Xbox 360 Arcade. Microsoft will be keeping the current ¥19,800 price point for the entry level system.

There are a couple of additional changes to the Elite package. As with the North American version, it will no longer include an HDMI cable. Additionally, Microsoft is swapping the current HD combo cable for a basic composite AV cable. Current 360 models include one month of free Xbox Live Gold Membership. This will be removed.

Microsoft is also dropping the price of a couple of peripherals. The Hard Disc 60GB Live Pack will drop from ¥11,550 to ¥9,975. The 512MB Memory Unit will go from the current ¥5,250 to ¥3,150.

Outside of the pricing change, this week's Famitsu (set to hit newsstands on Thursday) reports that Microsoft will offer new packaging for the 360 hardware. Expect to get a first look at this when Microsoft formally announces the price drops later today.

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