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Female Gundam Clothing Hits Home

Namco Bandai is an equal opportunity Home supporter.


Namco Bandai continued with its PlayStation Home festival of Gundam today with the availability of additional free avatar costumes.

Previously, the company placed a giant Gundam in the virtual world's central plaza, designed to mimic the giant Gundam display in Tokyo's Odaiba area. This was followed by an offer for free male Federation soldier clothing to those who viewed a Gundam Senki trailer in the Home theater.

Today's clothing offering is for a female version of the Federation soldier clothing. This will be available from September 3 through September 6. To obtain it, all you'll have to do is watch the latest Gundam Senki trailer in the Home theater.

As a reminder, the giant Gundam is going to be parting ways with Home on the 10th, so be sure and check it out before then!

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