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Convenience Store Lists Final Fantasy XIII Pre-orders For Dreamcast Birthday

Counting dates, could FFXIII come out in early November?

That's Hope, hoping for a quick FFXIII release.

On September 9, you'll be able to go into your local game shop and pre-order Final Fantasy XIII. At least, that's what a shopping kiosk at convenience store Lawsons says.

A listing for Final Fantasy XIII pre-orders has appeared in the shop's "Loppi" electronic kiosk system. Patrons can make use this system to pre-order games and DVDs.

The kiosk lists a 9/9/9 start for pre-orders. Not only is this the 10 year anniversary of the Dreamcast's US release, but its also the one day anniversary of the supposed Final Fantasy XIII Premier Event, which various sources have said will take place on the 8th and see the game's release date and price announced.

The listing does not share a release date for the game. But it does list an ¥8,240 price point. This appears to be an MSRP price, making it a bit lower than standard MSRP prices for blockbuster Square Enix titles. FFXII and Dragon Quest VIII carried list prices of ¥8,800 and up. The final price at most shops usually ends up being about 10% lower.

This information comes from Gigazine. The site notes that PSP Go's pre-orders opened up today (9/3). PSP go comes out on November 1. Counting dates, the site hypothesizes that perhaps FFXIII will come out on November 7.

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