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Capcom Shares Tokyo Game Show Lineup

Okamiden, Ghost Trick and more to appear in playable form.


Slowly but surely all the major players are opening up on their plans for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Capcom became the latest company to do so today.

This year's Capcom booth is themed "Rising! 2009." The company promises a selection of playable and video-only titles.

Playable titles include Lost Planet 2, Okamiden, Ghost Trick, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and Rockman EXE Operation Shooting Star. Of these, Okamiden and Ghost Trick were formally announced today (although, as usual, full details leaked out of Famitsu a couple of days back -- I wrote up the details for for IGNDS, so check there for now).

The video offerings will come in the form of a "Capcom Premium Theater." Details about this will be shared later.

In case you're wondering, Capcom's announcement listed the PS3 version of Lost Planet 2 as date TBA with the Xbox 360 version listed for Winter.

As with most publishers, Capcom has a special website for TGS. Currently, the site contains the list of playable titles and a page detailing paid goods.

Click on the "Click Theater" section of the page, and you're taken to a page with trailers, producer commentary clips and more details on the playable titles.

According to the theater page, those who sample Okamiden and Lost Planet 2 will get special foldout fans as gifts. Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles' gift is a special metallic sticker. Capcom will also be hosting a special stage for the game, sharing previously unannounced details and giving attendees a chance to watch the developers play their own game. Ghost Trick players will get a strap, with the game also set to see some stage events. Rockman players will get some stickers.

TGS kicks off this year on the 24th. The public is welcome in on the 26th and 27th.

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