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Puzzle Bobble Set for Xbox Live Arcade

Paid download stages on the way too.


Consistent Xbox Live Arcade supporter Taito is bringing one of its most recognized brand to Microsoft's download service. The company announced today Puzzle Bobble Live!, the latest entry in its puzzle series that features characters from the Bubble Bobble games.

Puzzle Bobble Live! offers both single player and multiplayer play.

Single player includes a 1P Puzzle mode with over 135 stages split into zones consisting of five stages each. Clear a zone, and you're able to freely select the next zone.

Also included for solo players are an Endless mode and CPU battle mode. Endless Mode has your avatar come out and cheer you on. CPU battle puts you against 8 CPU characters, each with different strengths and attack patterns.

Multiplayer offers play for two players, with offline play via a Local Play mode and online play via an Xbox Live mode.

Outside of the base download, Taito will be offering paid stage packs. Available at release will be the 1P Stage Pack-1 pack, which includes 135 stages from Bubble Bobble 2, and the 1P Stage Pack 2, which includes 135 stages selected from Super Puzzle Bobble and Puzzle Bobble DX. These are priced at 240 Microsoft Points each.

It's worth noting that the stage packs have the same names as the packs that were offered for the WiiWare version of Puzzle Bobble, which was released in April. It's unclear how similar the two games are aside from this. The 360 version does have some clear bonuses, including HD visuals and achievements.

Look for Puzzle Bobble Live! on September 30 at 800 Microsoft Points.

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