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Sappy Submission Wins Yakuza 4 Host Club Contest

"Dad, Daughter, and My Secret" to bore people in upcoming PS3 hit.


Sega's second preposterous Yakuza 4 promotion wasn't nearly as high profile as the first one. Following the start of a contest to select members of the public to appear as hostesses in the game, Sega held a second contest, this time allowing people to contribute a story surrounding a host club. The story could be real or fiction, and Sega would choose one of the submissions to appear as an actual substory in Yakuza 4.

The contest came to an end today with the announcement of the winning submission. Yuichi Ogawara, a 23-year old from Saitama, won for a fictional submission titled "Dad, Daughter, and My Secret."

Get your mind out of the gutter. This is actually a heart warming story about how a young hostess managed to make amends with her father. During high school, she and her dad argued a lot and stopped speaking. Her dad didn't even know that she was working as a hostess. One day, her dad appeared as a customer in her club. She was expecting him to break out in a rage, but he was so drunk that he ended up mistaking her for someone else. He spoke to her about how he was worried about his daughter and how he wanted to make amends with her. He started crying. She started crying.

Everyone was crying, and the next day father and daughter made up. Of course, daughter didn't tell dad about the episode fro the night before.

Congrats, Ogawara, on making what will probably be Yakuza 4's most boring side story.

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