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Coca Cola Ties Up with Home

Familiar red vending machines to appear in virtual world.


Don't be surprised if you start seeing Coca Cola branded vending machines in Home shortly. Sony's virtual world along with the latest PlayStation hardware feature heavily in Coca Cola Systems' latest campaign for the Georgia series of canned coffee.

Coca Cola Systems will kick off its New Georgia Catalogue campaign on Monday. From that day, through December 15, Georgia canned beverages and various other drinks will contain a seal with a 16 digit code. Input this code into the campaign website, and you could win some sweet prizes. Up for grabs are 1,000 PlayStation 3 slim systems, 2,000 PSP-3000 systems, and 500 PSP go systems.

Also part of the campaign are some tie-ins with Home. Home Square will have Coca Cola brand vending machines distributing original avatar items and presents, along with "C-pons," digital coupons that can be used to get drinks from real vending machines.

Home will also be home to a special Georgia Break Station for a limited time. I'm not sure what you can do here, but it looks somewhat like a bar, which could help out with the illusion that the person you're hitting on is actually a girl (he's not!).

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