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Get Your Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Blog Parts

Show your support for the ultimate in ninja action.


I was hoping that Tecmo's newly released Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 blog parts would have something to do with breast physics, seeing as how you can apparently shake kunoichi booby by moving your Dual Shock 3 around.

Unfortunately, the blog parts are just blog parts.

The text at the top right is a countdown.

Tecmo made available four types of parts today at the game's official site. They all looks like the above, but each has a different character.

Click on the embedded video to open a video window for an English language trailer.

Also added to the site today was a new Kuroha gameplay trailer, new movies in the "action" section, and a bunch of new screens, like these:

Sigma 2 hits here on 10/1, just about simultaneous with the US version. Before that, the game will be playable at demo events hitting Tokyo and Osaka this weekend. Also, producer Yousuki Hayashi will host a talk event in Shinjuku on the 19th.

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