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Strike Witches Set for Xbox 360?

Cyber Front may be bringing anime to 360 in shooting form.

Make this your box art, Cyber Front.

The 360 is known for its impossible array of shooters. It's also known as the high end place to go for games with animeish characters.

Those two audiences will clash the 360's next Japan-only title. Japanese gaming bogs are reporting that Cyber Front will be bringing an adaptation of the Strike Witches anime to the 360.

The game was apparently announced at a live event for the anime version, which was held on September 6 at Zepp Tokyo in Tokyo's Odaiba area. Attendees were given a pamphlet confirming the game.

The pamphlet listed a genre of "shooting" for the game. It also listed Xbox Live support. That's all the info, though. A release date was flagged as TBA.

Strike Witches has already seen adaptations for the PS2 and DS. Publisher Russell staged a promotion for those versions, allowing fans to come up with the names.

This information is still in the rumor stage until Cyber Front makes an announcement. But assuming it's true, it looks like the 360's unlikely domination of two very Japanesey types of game will be continuing.

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