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Yoichi Wada Isn't Just the CEO of Square Enix...

The man in charge plays this year's biggest hit... but only after its release.


Square Enix stiff Yoichi Wada strikes one as a keen business man when he addresses crowds at financial briefings and press conferences. But it seems like there's another side to the CEO -- a gamer side.

In his latest weekly column in Nikkei, Wada writes, "I try out the latest game software. Even with Dragon Quest IX, I spent 30 hours in the four days after its release."

So you're a hardcore gamer, Wada! I'll stop calling you Imperial Hot now.

Wait a minute... there's more.

Continues Wada,, "It's not just because I like games. It's because I'm seeing what type of game was a hit, how its play style has changed, and thinking about making next generation games while playing."

Research is great and all, but I'm surprised that the CEO of Square Enix had to wait until launch day to play DQIX.

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