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Get Your Fresh Wii Dates

A third system joins the andriasang.com release calendar.

Why is there a WiiWare logo here? Actually, the andriasang.com Wii release chart also contains WiiWare games. It, at present, does not list Virtual Console games, though.

For the past few weeks, I've been living up to the anti-Nintendo bias label the readers at IGN Wii gave me (this was due to some comments I made about low sell-throughs for Monster Hunter 3 early last month) and limited this site's release dates chart to PS3 and Xbox 360.

Now that the IGN PS3 readers have apparently caught on to my obvious anti-Sony bias (this is due to a sensationalist headline I wrote last week about how the PS3 was last place in Japan -- ha ha ha ha ha), I figured I might as well take down the PS3 dates and put the Wii dates back up!

And so I did just that! Err... I put up the Wii dates, that is. The PS3 dates are still there, as are the Xbox 360 dates. They should be there from here on out, although I'm seriously thinking about merging the two, as they're practically the same list.

Before making the Wii chart live, I checked and made sure that the dates were totally, utterly accurate. They're even more accurate than last week's Famitsu chart (although this is only because a couple of additional dates were announced after the magazine went to print).

Check out the Wii list here and sacrifice a lamb or two that I maintain it at least for the next two weeks.

Actually, better make it two lambs. I'm going to need some help as I try to clean up my DS and PSP release lists next.

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