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Square Enix Teams with Suntory For Final Fantasy XIII Beverage

Special character figures to be bundled with latest drink adaptation.


Final Fantasy XIII has the release date. It has the price. It has the hardware bundle and the theme song.

So what's missing?

If you've been keeping up with Square Enix's promotions for its Final Fantasy product, the correct answer is, the beverage!

Like Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XII before it, Final Fantasy XIII will be getting its very own beverage, and once again Suntory is doing the honors.

Announced today at the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party event in Tokyo, the Final Fantasy XIII Elixir is being developed jointly by Square Enix and Suntory and will be released by Suntory this Winter. This is the third such tie-up between the two companies.

The Final Fantasy XIII Elixir gets its fifteen minutes.

The Dissidia and FFXII beverages were described as real life versions of the Final Fantasy series' "Potion" item. Elixir is also an item from the series, where it enjoys higher status as a recovery item, capable of recovering all your life.

A Suntory representative took the stage at the Premiere Party event today and revealed that, as an effort to increase its recovery capabilities, the drink is being powered up with three times the amount of caffein and royal jelly of normal products. Additionally, each can contains a full day's supply of Vitamin B1 and B6.

A total of 16 cans will be offered, showing off various characters from the FFXIII game. The cans will be purchasable individually, bundled with special character figures, and in a limited set containing all the cans. As with the Dissidia drink, Suntory will offer two flavors: lemon and aloe.

The Elixir limited edition box.
Can you collect all the cans?
The special figures. Suntory hasn't said exactly how you'll obtain these.

While pricing and release information will not be announced until October, attendees at the event were able to sample the product, both visually via a display showing off the cans and figures, and through taste, as Suntory had created a couple of cocktails for the event using the Elixer as a base.

One of the two Elixir-based cocktails. This one was called Cocoon, after the FFXIII location.

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