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Sayuri Sugiwara to Perform Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song

Square Enix highlights musical component of upcoming RPG epic.


It's a Final Fantasy tradition that goes as far back as Final Fantasy VIII: a vocal theme song. So who will follow in the footsteps of the likes of Angela Aki, Kumi Koda, and Faye Wong for Final Fantasy XIII?

Square Enix gave the answer today at its Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party event in Tokyo. Closing off the event, the company announced that 19 year old up-and-coming singer Sayuri Sugawara will provide at least two songs for the game: Kimi ga Iru Kara (roughly "Because You're There") and Eternal Love.

Both songs were written by Sugawara and singer/songwriter Yukino Nakajima and feature composition by FFXIII composer Masashi Hamauzu and arrangements by Sin, producer of Sugawara's upcoming single.

Sugawara appeared at the event and, backed by a live orchestra, performed Kimi ga Iru Kara, the game's theme song.

Following the performance, during a question session from MC Mona Yamamoto, she revealed that she'd made the song after being given key words like "Miracle," "Eternal" and "Request" (or perhaps "Prayer") from Square Enix. She also said that she'd like to work to make the song reach more people than her past songs.

Both songs will be released in CD form on December 2, offering players a chance to hear the music a few week's before FFXIII's December 17 release.

In addition to the theme song, Square Enix highlighted the musical side of FFXIII through a lengthy orchestral performance of many of the game's themes.

Composer Masashi Hamauzu took the stage following this and spoke a bit about his composition work for the game. He noted that he was doing a number of new things with FFXIII, including making use of an overseas orchestra consisting of over 100 people."

Players can also look forward to more use of vocal musical, it seems. Hamauzu said to expect vocal songs during actual gameplay -- as you're running about on the fields, for instance.

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