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Get a closer look at 3D Dot Game Heroes' 3D Dots

Character make mode, Spelunker, long swords, and more.


I'm pretty sure From Software shared all this info a couple of Famitsus ago. But now that I have some high res screens, here's a recap on what's been revealed on 3D Dot Game Heroes these past few weeks.

The most exciting recently announced feature for the game is what looks to be a powerful character edit feature:

You can create your very own main character using a block level editor with maximum dimensions of 16 x 16 x 16. In addition to creating your character form scratch, you can use one of the preset character classes as a base.

In the above edit screen shot, the controls are listed as follows:

  • L2/R2: Change pose
  • L1/R1: Bring up the menu
  • D-pad: Move the pointer
  • Circle: place a block
  • X: I think this lets you clear a block
  • L: move camera/rotate
  • R: Zoom in/out
  • Circle + D-pad: Change pointer size
  • R2 + D-pad: Move blocks
  • SELECT: Clear all

At the top, you can select a pose for your creation: standing, walk 1, walk 2, "banzai," and sword out.

You're not limited to the presets in the palette. Pressing square lets you adjust the colors.

Here are some sample results:

Of course, you don't have to create your own character. You're free to make use of the presets, of which three have been revealed: hero, prince, and traveling scholar. Depending on your choice of hero at the start of the game, you'll end up with differing equipment and parameters.

The scholar is the latest addition to the cast of main characters. He travels the world and records his experiences, later publishing them, apparently to great popularity. During combat, he uses a book for his attacks. And I don't mean casting spells or anything -- he actually uses a book as a weapon.

Outside of character customization at the start of the game, you can also customize your character's weapon as you progress. Gold that you earn from defeated foes can be used at the town's blacksmith to customize your weapon in seven areas, including length, size, attack strength, long distance attack strength, rotation degree, and piercing strength.

The blacksmith to the left. To the right, the coins that you've got to collect.

The result of extended customization is some absurdly large weapons:

There's actually one additional player character. Remember how From Software announced that Irem's Spelunker character would be used to promote the game? In addition to his promotional activities, Spelunker will appear in the game in playable form. Once you've helped him out in the main quest, you'll be able to use Spelunker in the extremely difficult Spelunker Mode, where you can end up dying after even the smallest of falls.

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