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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Demo To Be Distributed at TGS

Bring your PSP with you to the biggest gaming event in Japan.


Metal Gear Solid studio Kojima Productions opened a special page today for the Tokyo Game Show. There isn't much there at present, save for one world shattering announcement.

According to the page, the Konami booth will offer a downloadable demo of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Those who bring their PSP with them will be able to download a demo for the long train ride home.

This should definitely beat waiting in line to sample the game in a noise convention center. Of course, the game will also be playable on the show floor, according to Konami's own TGS special site, also opened today. In addition to demo units, Konami will show video footage (you can't have a TGS without a new Metal Gear trailer, can you?) and a daily stage event.

The Kojima Productions TGS special site. No storm clouds this time, thankfully.

More details will be announced on the 17th. TGS kicks off on the 24th for press, with the public gaining access on the 26th and 27th.

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