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Sony's New Teaser Site is 4Ds of Neat

What is :3D, and is the colon important? Lower your volume and find out!


Sony's teaser site for its latest game announcement doesn't look like much at first:

But lower the volume, give the happy face a few clicks, try not to jump out of your seat, repeat the process over and over again, and eventually you'll come to this:

Whatever ":3D (Kari)" is, it will apparently be revealed on 9/17.

The "kari" i the name is usually placed in game titles to indicate that the name is tentative. However, there have been a couple of instances where the "kari" ended up being part of the name, so I kept it in there. You can probably refer to it as just ":3D." Although, I'm not sure if it's meant to be pronounced "colon three dee," as the characters could just be net speak.

So what is this mystery title? As you clicked on the smiley face, you might have noticed all those extra browser windows opening in the background. As noted at Game no Hanashi, the browsers point to such pages as Wikipedia's entry for Yuusha (hero) and Dragon, and the Weblio Dictionary page for Maou (demon king). The site speculates that we're looking at another Yuusha no Kuse ni Nama Iki da title.

Expect a big Famitsu leak next week leading to a proper, but still mysterious, home page opening, followed by a Tokyo Game Show showing on the 24th.

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