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First Look: Puyo Puyo 7 Wii & PSP

Play against the DS in the Wii version.


When Sega announced Puyo Puyo 7 earlier this year, it said that the game would be released for the PSP, Wii and DS. But we've only seen the DS version so far. That version was released two weeks back, and now Sega as at long last started talking about the other two versions.

The PSP and Wii versions of the game will arrive simultaneously on November 26. They will both carry a ¥5,040 price point.

While the basics of the game, including the cast of colorful characters, will remain the same as the DS version, both versions have unique bonuses.

The Wii version will include Wi-Fi Puyo Puyo. Using this mode, Wii players will be able to play competitive Puyo Puyo against DS owners.

The Wii version.

Two other Wii-only modes include Issho ni Puyo Puyo and Remocon Puyo Puyo. The former allows to players to team up on one screen to handle two sets of simultaneously falling Puyo Puyos. The other mode has players use two Wiimotes to control a single falling Puyo Puyo group.

New for the PSP version is a mode where two players use a single PSP unit for competitive play. The game also includes four player ad-hoc play and game sharing.

The PSP version.

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