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Sony Details LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

Four player cooperative play, custom LocoRocos, and network rankings on the way.


LocoRoco Midnight Canrival saw its playable debut at Gamescon last month. Today, Sony shared screens and details on the game with the local press.

As previously detailed LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is the latest PSP LocoRoco title, following the original and LocoRoco 2. The game will be distributed exclusively as an online download, timed with the November 1 launch of PSP go.

The basics of the game are the same. L and R rotate the world, making LocoRoco roll left and right. Press L and R together, and LocoRoco jumps.

Yep, it's definitely LocoRoco!
Stage select and LocoRoco select.

The new version adds to this a new "Boing" move, which lets you jump to new heights and climb walls. To perform a boing, you hold one of the shoulder buttons, then tap the other. Your LocoRoco will go flying off into the air, leaving a trail behind it.

This boing promises to add more strategy to the game, and you'll apparently have to put it to use thanks to the heightened difficulty. The game includes extremely difficult stages that are filled with traps.


Sony is giving the game some multiplayer enhancements for this installment. The game offers four player competitive and cooperative play via ad-hoc, allowing players to team up to clear the stages. You can make sure that your LocoRoco is unique among the bunch my making use of a LocoRoco dress-up mode. Actual online play isn't included, but Sony will let players upload times and scores to an online ranking.

So how mush will downloadable LocoRoco cost? Sadly, Sony has yet to share pricing info. But with PSP go's release closing in, we can probably expect to hear something shortly.

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